New Release: WCopyfind.3.0.2

I have posted a new release of WCopyfind, Version 3.0.2. This new version fixes several bug and omissions:

  1. Smart quotes in .doc files should now be handled properly.
  2. The number of matching document pairs is now listed at the end of the comparison report.
  3. If no matching document pairs were found, the comparison report indicates that it found no matches.
  4. Several memory allocation/deallocation problems were found and fixed.

Also, WCopyfind generates a log file in the report folder. If WCopyfind crashes during use, please send me a copy of that log file and I will try to find the bug.


2 thoughts to “New Release: WCopyfind.3.0.2”

  1. Hi Lou

    been using copyfind for years now and found it very good. Just started using v3.02 (been away for a year) and it keep giving me an error message:

    the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x00410387

    I know that this is a buffer overrun error but despite cleaning the registry with Ccleaner I can’t go any further.

    Any thoughts?


    1. Ouch. I made so many changes when rewriting WCopyfind, that finding these bugs is tricky.

      WCopyfind 3.0.2 generates a log file in the reporting folder. If you would please send that log file (log.txt) to me at, I will see if I can track down what is causing the crash.

      Additionally, I will post WCopyfind 2.7, which is much older and more limited, but also reasonably reliable.



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