New Release 4.1.5

I have posted new releases of WCopyfind and Copyfind: Version 4.1.5. It’s just bug-fix version. The comparison counters are now 64-bit integers, so they can handle billions of comparisons without showing spurious numbers. A bug that caused WCopyfind and Copyfind to run out of input streams when handling hundreds of .docx documents has been fixed.

3 thoughts to “New Release 4.1.5”

  1. Thank you for making your work so available. I ran the program with 2 book-length word documents. I’m not sure how to interpret the results. Do you have a posting somewhere relating what %’s are significant/legal indicators of plagarism? Thank you.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your great software. When using the software I get an error message saying “Could not open log file during comparison process”. Do you have any idea what this is about and ways to fix it?
    Thank you,

    1. I think you need to be sure that the report file folder exists and is pointed to by the reports directory entry in the code. It’s been too long since I worked on the software, so I can’t remember everything it does.


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