New Release: WCopyfind 4.1.0

I have posted a new release of WCopyfind: Version 4.1.0.

This new version of WCopyfind separates the windows-based user interface from the actual document loading and comparison process. The latter process is almost machine independent, although it still contains some windows-specific code.

Separating out the loading and comparison process allowed me to eliminate a number of lingering bugs that were present in the older versions of WCopyfind. It also allowed me to produce a scriptable, command-line version of the comparison program: Copyfind.4.1.0. I will post Copyfind.4.1.0 shortly.


4 thoughts to “New Release: WCopyfind 4.1.0”

  1. Something went wrong with my WCopyfind 3.0 and it crashed not long after I started running a multiple-document scan. I deleted it and downloaded 4.1. It is also crashing in mid-scan.

    I suspect I need to delete the Windows Registry file for WCopyfind and start over. How do I do that?

    1. If WCopyfind gets as far as indicating that it is loading files, then it’s not a registry problem. My guess is that there is something in one or more of your documents that WCopyfind can’t read properly. WCopyfind creates a log.txt file as it runs, located in the reporting directory. Could you send me that log.txt file by email to bloomfield (at) I’ll see if I can find what’s going wrong.



  2. Per your comment above, is there any chance you could make the command-line version (“copyfind”) available to us? I’ve got a social science research project that, frankly, requires scripting — and I’d rather not try to GUI-script WCopyFind using AutoIt if you’ve already got a command line version working.

    Many thanks for the excellent software, Lou. We’re using it in cool ways, I promise (in addition to its primary purpose).


    1. Hi Jesse,

      I’ll try to post the scriptable version of WCopyfind in the near future. It’s now a post-it note on my desk, so hopefully I’ll actually do it when I have a free moment.


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