New Home for The Plagiarism Resource Site

After 10 years hosted on my office computer, the Plagiarism Resource Site now has a new home and new look. It has moved to, where it is now build with WordPress.  The days of hand-coded web sites are clearly over and I’m happy to let such a sophisticated software package handle the presentation of content. I’ve given up a tiny amount of flexibility in exchange for amazing features and ease of use.

The key components of this web site are all still here:

  1. WCopyfind — a program to find duplications of language between documents
  2. My thoughts on issues relating to plagiarism, scholarship, and society

As part of this update, I have largely rewritten WCopyfind (3.0) so that it handles two important modern document formats: .docx and .pdf. It also handles .html and .txt files better than it did before. And it still handles .doc files imperfectly and it will do what it can to find text in just about any file you feed it.

All the best,


One thought to “New Home for The Plagiarism Resource Site”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have been trying this software and it is such an excellent software. I was wondering if you have any plans to make this a web based system.

    We want our users to upload files from various locations and get the results of the comparison from where they are.

    I believe turning WCopyfind into a web-based system would satisfy these needs. Or may be expose the services of WCopyfind as a Web Service may satisfy these needs because then we can develop a web interface in whatever way we want on top of your excellent system (perhaps I am asking too much for such an excellent software provided for free).

    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.


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